In the media, there are both left wing and right wing views on squatting. The former tends to be liberal and tolerant, the latter is outraged and bays for blood. Recently there has been a campaign emanating from the Telegraph and the Evening Standard to criminalise squatting. The Housing Minister Grant Schapps has been saying some really stupid things like how home-owners are entitled to use sledgehammers to break the door to regain possession of their houses, since it is ‘only’ property damage.

The UK government has launched a consultation about proposals to ‘criminalise squatting’.

The proposed legislation will have impacts on the most vulnerable people in society, will empower unscrupulous landlords and will burden the justice system, police and charities.

We will be hosting a series of parties and gatherings, with live concerts and workshops to come, in the hope of raising awareness, amd money to stand against the campaign threatening to erode our civil rights and liberties. The first and major one, is this government consultation.

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