Rise Up and Protect our Rights and Liberties!

Welcome fellow  seekers of truth and warriors for the cause. It is time to Rise Up and stand up for our rights!

We will be hosting a range of benefit gatherings and parties to raise both money and awareness of these issues . There is a sticky legal battle ahead and we will need all the combined resources of our tribe if we wish to resist these dangerous threats to our rights and liberties. This is a calling for the gathering of the tribes to defend the squatting lifestyle and protect tenants right across the board.

In all ways that you can, you are invited to join our team. We are also hoping to get a consensus running, with the vision of a squatters union, or equally effective networking tool to synergize and harmonize the activist programs and energies from the varied groups and create a collective that can bring vision and power to the people. The corrupt bureaucracies and multi-national corporations have been allowed to drive this engine of development for long enough. It is time for some real resistance to the steady erosion of rights and liberties we have all been witnessing these past ten years.

So please, those of you connected to NGO’s, or involved in media production of any kind, artists, musicians & performers, political speakers,  social reformers, researchers and net-workers please get in touch with our either of our teams and help to carry these very worthwhile projects to fruition. They are united in one cause.
contact us at :






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