Save Our Squats

29 Jul

Save Our Squats : Friday 29 July (phone 07401285227 after seven pm for venue.)

Ecclectic Dance Extravagansa!! Benefit for Squash Campaign.
HEADLINING: Debs Elemetal, Psuedo Nipon (LIVE Act with drums, beats and Vocals), Bouncy Jungle and Dub-Step with the EveryDay Junglist and many more Boot Stomping Acts to keep our heads swinging…

Great bar, awesome venue and well organized with professional security crew and wonderfully diverse lineup! Don’t miss it!

( 10:00pm –   06:00am)

Suggested Donation : £5 call 07401285227 after 7pm for location details.. Will be bang in the center of London zone 1)


Organick Picnic

29 Jul

Organick Picnic   5th August, Hackney

Venue> Well Furnished, @ 11 Terrace Road, Hackney E9 7ES

An ample acoustic line up of inspirational music, the live ‘Organick’ Trance Dance experience, free awareness raising workshops, poetry, the Yummy cafe offering conscious food and wake up cinema with speakers on various topics to inspire and enlighten!.
Full line-up and workshop schedule to be announced soon.

All proceeds going to the Squash campaign! We are arranging a benefit to raise money for the Squash campaign and related action to legally challenge the UK governments consultation that would undermine tenancy rights, empowering unscrupulous landlords and impacting the most vulnerable peoples in society. Effectively this could criminalize squatting, which is an integral part of the activist network, providing meeting spaces and rally points that would alternatively cost much to rent. We need cohesion, numbers and resources to squash this unconstitutional and expensive legislative campaign which is an affront to our essential rights! Rise Up and join the ranks of our conscious army and let us find a peaceful resolution to a growing concern that effects all of us that are not home-owners.The event promises to be well organised with awesome visual art and entertainment! Contact me if you wish to get involved.

Suggested donation = £6
(we do not however, wish to exclude those without means from participating or enjoying a wonderful and creatively inspired evening)
Learn more about our campaign and please offer support in any way you can.